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At CERI, we’re working to advance unbiased medical research and provide credible information about medicinal cannabis.

We’ve seen firsthand how this ancient botanical transforms lives for the better. As a non-profit organization, we advocate for patient access to medicinal marijuana — we work so that all people, physicians, and policymakers can understand its healing potential.

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I feel like cannabis really saved my life. I had pain everywhere, but I couldn’t take the pain medications. To be in pain and not be able to take pain killers … I didn’t know where to turn.

–Patient who experienced a car accident

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Featured Post

When it comes to synthetic drugs, legal does not necessarily mean safe | Opinion By Elisabeth Van Bockstaele

Delta 8 is legal in New Jersey and in most states. But legal does not mean safe. And the repercussions of these unregulated substances cooked up in underground laboratories are showing up in hospitals and emergency departments around the nation, where people who have ingested these drugs are experiencing everything from vomiting, hallucinations, and loss of consciousness.

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New Jersey 101.5 | Will NJ Adult-Use Weed Market Squeeze Out Patients Who Need It Most?

As New Jersey moves closer to an operational adult-use market for marijuana, advocates for medicinal weed wonder if the transition will start to squeeze out the patients who need cannabis for serious medical conditions.

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NJ Spotlight News | Concern that sale of recreational marijuana could squeeze out medicinal users

Advocates want state to release cultivation data to ensure patient demand will be met.

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Will there be enough marijuana in New Jersey for the people who need it? | Opinion By David Knowlton

The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission has adopted the first rules to oversee the cultivation and sale of cannabis for personal use.