Alan Klein



Klein is Chief Development Officer at HealthWell Foundation in Maryland, and he brings 28 years of experience in the nonprofit and pharmaceutical sectors to CERI’s Advisory Board. Ranked #33 on the 2019 Forbes List of Largest US Charities, HealthWell Foundation is an independent nonprofit that offers co-payment and insurance premium assistance to inadequately insured Americans to allow them to afford their chronic/life altering medications. It has helped more than 500,000 Americans. Klein has significant experience with product and service portfolios, and overseeing corporate transactions, fundraising and revenue growth and development programs exceeding $3 billion in combined valuation. He previously served as Senior Vice President of Corporate Development for ETX Pharma, Inc., and as Executive Vice President for Corporate Development for Sequella, Inc. Klein’s experience includes creating and increasing enterprise value and mission-exceeding organizational abilities in the non-profit and pharmaceutical sectors.